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Top 7 things you can save money on when visiting Venice

Top 7 things you can save money on when visiting Venice Venice Gondoliere relaxing Venice is one of the world’s most unique places and this is pretty much undisputed. A UNESCO World Heritage, birthplace and playground of Italian and European royalties Venice is a place everyone must see. Of course, with this uniqueness comes a price which can get sky high if one is not paying attention. Luckily, as mentioned in my previous post the world is changing. Today’s visitors do need budget places and the restaurants where one needed to pay a 100 EUR for a dinner for 2 are receiving less guests and realize that it’s time to adapt to more accepted prices. In Venice you can spend money on just about anything and everything and if you are not careful, you can spend a fortune. So, here I am to tell you some ways how you can make this trip happen even with a lower budget. Trust me, it can be done. I’ve been doing it for many years now. Venice Accommodation Venice is beautiful

Why I started this blog

After the success of my other blogs Moroccan Cuisine and Customs and Morocco Travel Tips and Advice I thought to start up with this Venice project, because I love Venice and I visited it and its area about a zillion times. I watched it develop, change and still remain the same. Venice is one of my favorite places ever and a place I feel the need to visit every year. I hope you will enjoy this blog and help me grow it by comments and following it. Please also visit my other blogs where I' m telling you everything about Morocco, Moroccan travel and Moroccan cuisine. Thank you

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