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Venice Summer Trends 2017 - Shopping and arts trends

Just like last year, I've got to visit the lovely Venice and Mestre region this year as well. I hope to soon be able to settle there because to me it's already like being at home. Anyhow, I thought to come and after such a long time, share some of the newest summer trends I got to see in Venice this summer. As my pics don't get transferred so easily I'm not sure if I can post this today or if I should wait with it. As an extra all these are my own photos which I have made and edited for this specific occasion. With a massive delay but I m glad to present them to you this time around. 

1. Seafood Asian style and meatballs.
Korean, Chinese and Italian fish culture apparently have much in common, if only it's the love of fish and seafood in general. Anyhow from this summer, I saw plenty of places offering calamari , shimps and other seafood deep fried offered in small paper holders. It's fun and a good way to eat something but for a more economical price.The meat…

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